Enrolment will only be confirmed after registration fees are paid (an invoice will be sent after your form is received). Regiatrations made online from 23rd December 2017 till 15th January 2017 will recieve their Registration fee invoice after 15th January due to our admin offices being closed. Please rest assured your registration is accepted and your pleace will be secure for 2018.

Registration Instructions 


Step 1 Click on this link belowt o be taken to our online registrations page. 


Step 2 will be entering in your Customer details (these are the parent details)


Step 3 will be entering in each student's details (if you are the customer and an adult registering for adult classes you will need to enter a student profile as well).


 Step 4 is to choose classes for each student using the standard, location and day of the week.

* For those registering for competition cheer please find the competition cheer class listed on Monday afternoon and select it for your child. This WILL NOT be their training time as we cannot set these until all teams are confirmed. 

* After you have picked a combination press search and it will list all your options for those search fields.

* Please note that you can choose more than one day at a time but only one venue at a time.

* You can change the search field combinations as many times as you need to get all your classes before submitting!!


Step 5 Submit!!  After submitting you will receive confirmation, followed by a registration invoice in mid January. 


We are looking forward to sharing an amazing year with you all in 2018!