We have a dance class to suit every personality from the girly ballerinas to the funky hip hop dancers!


Classical ballet is a great foundation for most styles of dance as it puts great emphasis on the method and execution of movement. It focuses on technique, strength, and flexibility, and is performed to classical music.

Our classical students learn the beautiful art of Ballet through syllabus steps, open combinations and routines. We offer classes for little dancers as young as 3 years old in our specialised 'Pre-School Ballet’ class right up to our Senior students.

FANCI FOOTWORK Ballet students have the opportunity to take part in annual exams through the Southern Federation of Dance (Levels 1-7 plus majors: Pre-Elementary, Elementary and Intermediate) held at our dance studio and be a part of our end of year dance concert.


Jazz is a high energy dance style and is usually quite fast and up-beat. Done to current pop music, it is extremely popular with all ages. It is great for strength, technique, and flexibility.
Our Jazz classes are progressive, up to date and always age appropriate. Classes include a mix of Syllabus steps, open work and learning of routines. We have fun, funky and fast Jazz classes available for boys and girls aged 3 years to adult!

FANCI FOOTWORK Jazz students have the opportunity to take part in annual exams through the Southern Federation of Dance (levels 1-10) and our end of year concert.


Contemporary is a modern and expressive form of dance. It has few boundaries, and can be interpreted in countless different ways. It is great for body balance, control, strength and flexibility. Contemporary training begins as part our Primary Ballet classes and a full contemporary class is offered to our Intermediate and Senior Ballet students (13 years and over). As this is a pure dance class all our Intermediate and Senior Contemporary students must also take Ballet class to compliment and develop their technique. This year our contemporary students will have the oportunity to take part in the AASCF Dance competitions.

Contemporary has become a highlight in our end of year concert.


Tap dancing is great for improving co-ordination and musicality. A style similar to that of the famous Fred Astaire, it focuses on timing and beats. Fanci Footwork Dancers Tap classes teach both the more traditional ‘Broadway’ and the more current ‘stomping’ styles of tap at our dance studio both are great exercise for the body and mind with exciting rhythms and combinations to learn. Tap classes are available to students from 5 years right through to our fantastic Adult Tap Fitness class!

FANCI FOOTWORK Tap students have the opportunity to take part in annual exams through the Southern Federation of Dance (levels 1-10) and our end of year concert.

Hip Hop

An urban dance style that has become increasingly popular in recent years, our Dancers Funk/hip hop (FHH) classes are creative and danced to current music. We offer a dedicated Funk/Hip Hop class to our Primary students (ages 8-12) and Intermediate and Senior Students (aged 13+).

As Hip Hop is a pure dance class our Hip Hop students must also study technique in a Jazz, Tap or Classical Ballet lesson. Hip Hop can only be taken as an extension class not on it's own.


Our cheer program is based on the USASF Rubric, Jumps, Tumbles, Stunts, Dance. Routines are level based. We are currently offering squads Level 1-2 and Group and Partner Stunts Level 1-3. FFDC also provides NON-COMPETITIVE squads, for those wanting to enjoy learning all the same aspects of cheerleading without the competitive committment.

All coaches at FFDC are IASF/USASF accredited and have been credentialed and educated about safety and proper instructional techniques by Rosemary Sims of AASCF. Our coaches are constantly learning and keeping up to date with this ever evolving sport. This ensures your child is always challenged but kept safe while progressing.

FFDC Cheerleading concentrates on building strength as well as conditioning and developing correct cheer techniques. We pride ourselves on developing well rounded athletes that are trained under the watchful eye of our coaches to ensure that basic skills are mastered before progression.

Cheerleading teaches athletes team work, accountability and dependability skills. It allows athletes to create goals to better themselves and to work hard with their team.

FFDC have classes available in Recreational or Competitive Cheer for athletes 3 years to adults........ come and join in the fun!


Tumbling is a class totally dedicated to tumbling and the conditioning needed to achieve cheer skills. Students will work on and towards handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, rolls, round-offs, back and front handsprings, front and side arials, tumbling passes and back tucks.  

Tumbling can be taken on it's own or with other cheer and dance classes. Tumbling is incorporated into our Tiny, Mini-cheer and Recreational cheer classes. Members of our compeditive cheer squads must take tumbling class with cheer. 

The FFDC Tumbling Program for 2018..... a 12 tier ladder that targets complete beginners, all the way up to experienced athletes. With smaller tumbling class sizes and greater division in levels, athletes will receive greater individualised attention meaning they will be able to achieve skills at a faster rate without compromising technique or safety. Each level has specific skills that need to be achieved before being able to move onto the next, teaching athletes the importance of perfection before progression. This progression can be done per term or per year, depending on the athletes ability - they will move up when they have not only mastered the skills from the level they were in, but when they are also confident in working on the skills required in the above level. From a Crystal, all the way up to a Pink Diamond, we have a level for everyone (and you don't have to cheer with us to be apart our new Tumbling Program either!). Additionally, 'The Palace' offers the first and only fully equipped cheer and tumble facility in the Blue Mountains. Interested? Contact us today! FFDCHEER@GMAIL.COM


In 2018 FFDC will be taking our students to the next level with the introduction of Acrobatic Arts Syllabus!!!!! 
Acrodance training benefits all dance disciplines. Students will see an increase in overall strength, balance, and flexibility. They will also be able to safely explore skills in tumbling and limbering for stage performances.
Your child will learn Acro safely with fully certified instructors who up to date with the Arcribatic Arts world wide syllabus.


Dancing is no longer just about tutus and girlie moves....... The LITTLE DUDES & FFD CREW  are all boys class that teach our own mix of current Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop dance styles with some great tricks to really impress!

Joining our boys only LITTLE DUDES OR FFD CREW will not only improve your little mans creativity, musicality and disipline. Dancing also improves coordination skills and fitness, which can assist the students performance in other sports commonly played by boys.

These boys only classes first started at FFDC in 2012 and were such a hit we are sure classes will fill quickly...... SO REGISTER NOW!